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URGENT – Proposed Teacher’s Code Is A Threat To Christian Freedom

A new draft Code of Conduct and Practice for teachers in England in was published in the autumn of 2008 by the General Teaching Council for England [GTC].



Yes, folks, once again I’m droning on about Channel 4 and their propensity for making biased documentaries. This time, it’s another episode of Christianity: a History (Channel 4, 7pm, Sunday Feb 22, 2009). The programme, subtitled: God and the Scientists was presented by Oxford neurobiologist, Colin Blakemore. Blakemore began by telling us that he doesn’t believe in God. One immediately wondered what kind of a history of Christianity was likely to be presented by an atheist? Well, I’ll tell you what kind; a very selective and biased one. Read more »

Religious Liberty in Europe – Another Threat.

A new European Directive is speedily moving through the various stages of the European Parliament. This proposed Anti-Discrimination Directive bans discrimination and harassment on the grounds of disability, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief for:

  • social protection (including social security and healthcare);
  • social advantages;
  • education;
  • access to and the supply of goods and services available to the public, including housing.


So Christians should welcome this then? Read more »

Would You Like Me to Pray For You?

The story concerning the Community Nurse, Caroline Petrie, has been interesting to follow. It’s been typical of the current anti-Christian feeling which seems to be growing in our society. The National Secular Society ( has a piece on their website by president, Terry Sanderson, on the story. They seem to be happy that Ms Petrie can return to work, just as long as she keeps quiet about her faith and doesn’t offer to pray for anyone else. The article ends with the words; ‘The rules are there to curb any such people going into the homes of their patients and foisting unwanted religious rituals on to them.’ Read more »