Monthly Archives: March 2009

Keeping Euthanasia Alive…

Patricia Hewitt is urging MPs to change the law to allow people to take terminally ill patients abroad for assisted suicide.

We will have seen and heard about this in the media recently, and as the BBC has regularly been telling us (, Ms Hewitt has little chance of success… So we can ignore this then, right? Read more »

Darwin’s Dangerous Idea And the Mission of the Media

Following on from my last post on the Channel 4 documentary Christianity: a History, (subtitled God and the Scientists) I’ve noticed similar arguments resurfacing in various programmes since, most notably in the series Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, presented by Andrew Marr (first episode shown Thursday 4th March, 9pm, BBC2; the programmes being repeated on following Tuesdays BBC2 7pm). In The Victorians (Sunday March 8th, 9pm, BBC1), we were once again given the same arguments (almost word for word) by Jeremy Paxman, when this (otherwise excellent series) reached ‘Darwin’s Dangerous Idea.’ Read more »