Keeping Euthanasia Alive…

Patricia Hewitt is urging MPs to change the law to allow people to take terminally ill patients abroad for assisted suicide.

We will have seen and heard about this in the media recently, and as the BBC has regularly been telling us (, Ms Hewitt has little chance of success… So we can ignore this then, right?

Wrong, this was no serious attempt to gain another vote, but rather part of a concerted campaign by the pro euthanasia/suicide lobby to keep the story alive, to continue to enlist the help of the media to show how uncaring and unloving the Christian (and other faiths) approach to this is.


The logic is that if they keep it going they will eventually gain the perceived high moral ground.


So please do keep up to date with these issues in the media, try to comment constructively on message boards, like the BBC’s Have Your Say, and let your voice be heard.

As a regular watcher of these boards, it is disappointing to see how most of the posts, as well as being emotive and ill thought out, are often aggressively in favour of the very things that God forbids, or warns about.


Obviously, we should be compassionate and careful in any debate or lobbying, and consider the complexity of the ethical arguments; checking out what scripture has to say to us about this issue. But it does strike me that the battle being waged in the UK against Christian values, as well as Christian faith, is hotting up.

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