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Calvin L. Smith’s New Book on the Church and Israel

King’s Evangelical Divinity School Principal Calvin L. Smith has edited a new book entitled The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supercessionism: Resources for Christians, which is due out imminently. Additional contributions include Andy Cheung, Tony Pearce, Jacob Prasch, Howard Taylor, Stephen Vantassel and Paul Wilkinson. There is also a foreword by Mitch Glaser (formerly Jews for Jesus and now President, Chosen People Ministries, New York) and a preface by Mark S. Sweetnam, Research Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin. The book has been endorsed by leading Evangelical scholars such as Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Darrell Bock, Robert L. Thomas and Amos Yong, among others. King’s Talks With Scholars has an interview with Calvin on the main college site, where you can find out further information about the new book. There is also a new website for the book, which is

HCSB 2009 – status

A while ago, I interviewed the editor of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (Dr. Edwin Blum), and we talked about a projected 2009 update. I e-mailed him recently to enquire about the current status of this revision and Dr. Blum graciously sent me a reply. The new updated version will be available in the form of the Student Apologetics Bible scheduled for print in February 2010. There may also be a printing of the Minister’s Bible October 2009 or one of the pcket sized Bibles. The long-awaited study Bible is now scheduled for release in October 2010. Like many people, I’m a big fan of the HCSB, and I posted a review of this version a short while ago. I’ll be doing a full-length review of the new version when it comes out.

Andy Cheung teaches Biblical Languages And New Testament at King’s Evangelical Divinity School.

Talks With Scholars: Dr George Guthrie

A new season of Talks With Scholars has begun with an interview with Dr George Guthrie of Union University in Jackson Tennessee. Many KEDS students will be aware of the important work that Dr Guthrie has produced in Biblical Exegesis. In this interview, Andy Cheung asked Dr. Guthrie about some of his current work in New Testament studies.

Read the interview here.

The Gentle Art of Self Perpetuation

Have you ever wondered whether our government exists to serve us or itself? Do the politicians really need us, the people out here in the real world? Or is all that bureaucracy and red tape a self perpetuating machine? ‘We’re busy’ it seems to say, ‘with expenses to claim and bankers to pay; we don’t have much time to bother with you.’ Sometimes, the government seems to be simply running… the government. Read more »