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My wife, Pam and I, have just returned from holiday in the Mediterranean. During the course of our time away, we visited various places of worship in different areas and I was shocked anew at the levels of superstition surrounding the Christian faith which still exist in some parts of the world. In one place, we visited a church dedicated to – and containing the remains of – a saint who is believed to still tramp the streets of the town at night (presumably trying to do some good). For this reason, each year, his body is removed from the silver casket in which it is held, given new shoes to replace the dusty worn ones, and dressed in new clothes. Thus regaled, the five hundred year old corpse is carried around the streets where the local worshippers turn out and apparently have ‘a bit of a do’. Read more »

Another Bill Quietly Moving Through Parliament

With all the uproar over expenses, you might think it would be a good time to gently move on with any contentious issues…. Read more »

Muslim Heads Up BBC’s Religious Unit…

Aaqil Ahmed has been appointed Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC.

Although previously some of the BBC’s religious broadcasting has been rather weak, liberal and only paying lip service to the Christian heritage and ethos of the UK, the BBC have taken the controversial step of appointing a character previously known to produce work with a clear bias towards Islam and multiculturalism. Read more »