Muslim Heads Up BBC’s Religious Unit…

Aaqil Ahmed has been appointed Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC.

Although previously some of the BBC’s religious broadcasting has been rather weak, liberal and only paying lip service to the Christian heritage and ethos of the UK, the BBC have taken the controversial step of appointing a character previously known to produce work with a clear bias towards Islam and multiculturalism.

Christian Concern for the Nation notes “According to The Daily Telegraph, senior bishops wrote to the BBC’s Director General Mark Thompson when it was envisaged that Mr. Ahmed might be appointed, to question the BBC’s commitment to Britain’s Christian audience. The Archbishop of Canterbury had also raised concerns with Mr. Thompson that the ‘Christian voice is being sidelined’ after Mr. Ahmed was first connected to the role.”


This appointment seems to reflect the position of the UK Government which makes concessions to the Muslim community, in contrast to its marginalisation of Christianity and the rights of Christians.

Is this perhaps a result of the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003, and the provisions that are within them which can force employers to appoint an applicant to a role who is broadly the ‘best person’ for the job—if the candidate’s religion is ignored… This applies to every role, except where there is a ‘genuine and determining occupational requirement’ that they should be of a particular religion.

Christianity is the only way by which man may know God. Christians in this country will want to consider their reaction to this news and be aware of the need to stand up for their faith and act on what they believe—that Jesus Christ is THE way, THE truth and THE life.

 Christian Concern for the Nation have a Controversial Muslim programme-maker appointed head of BBC religious broadcasting at:

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