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Logos Bible Software Discount for Students and Alumni

All students and alumni can receive a substantial discount for the Logos Bible computer software program. Students receive a 30% discount. The offer is available through 2010: please visit the link at

— Andy Cheung teaches Biblical Languages And New Testament Studies at King’s Evangelical Divinity School, a distance learning college.

Assisted Suicide

The Director of Public Prosecutions issued his interim guidelines on assisted suicide on September 23rd 2009.


Though the guidelines are to go through a period of consultation before becoming policy, Christian leaders and legal experts have grave misgivings.


I’d like to suggest two things here:

  • Please pray, lobby, discuss and generally enter in to the debate.
  • I would be interested to see comments from you all on your thoughts and views on this from both ‘gut instinct’ and your considered biblical understanding. Perhaps you think this is a no brainer? If so can you articulate why to non Christians? These are the ethical debates that today’s Pastors are bombarded with, and people are looking for real answers – tough but a great opportunity too…

Ethics and Markets

It is easy to find plenty of sites and speakers who frequently decry the alleged excesses of capitalism. These thinkers regularly suggest that the ‘Christian view’ holds capitalism in great suspicion. They will cite that they don’t oppose small business owners but only condemn the ‘big corporations.’

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Choosing a Theological School

Individuals considering obtaining a formal theological education should keep several points in mind as they search for a school.

First, determine why you want to study theology.  Not all theological education will achieve the same goals. For example, do you want to enter ministry, the academy, or a deeper awareness of theological topics?  The most difficult goal to achieve is becoming a professor. Dr. Roger Dalmann notes,quite correctly, that future scholars should choose schools with exceptional reputations. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a professor unless you go to Harvard, it just means that it is more difficult. Like professional sports, only a few scholars make a living in theological education.

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EU Equal Treatment Directive

There is a significant risk to free speech across Europe.

This directive is due to be considered and voted on within the next couple of months. If passed it will be both complex and far reaching in its ability to silence Christians.

Christian Concern for our Nation has produced an excellent information pack, which can be downloaded here. Please encourage your churches to Pray, Write and Lobby as well as to discuss this serious issue with as many people as possible.


If you need to find which MEP or MP to write to you can find their details by following this link:

Questions for Christian Animal Rights Activists

uring my research for the book, Dominion over Wildlife? An Environmental-Theology of Human-Wildlife Relations (Wipf and Stock, 2009), I encountered a number of arguments used by Christians claiming that Scripture supports compassion/non-violence against animals. Here are some questions, I would love to get answers to… Read more »