A Tool for Sunday School Teachers

Sunday School teachers know that there is always a need for interesting ways to teach biblical truth to the young and old alike.  One suggestion is to pass out attention-getter worksheets at the beginning of a class. This allows the early arrivals to stay busy (and quiet), while you wait for the rest of the attendees to arrive. Rev. Dr. Tom Rakow has written a book full of material that should prove useful for teachers entertain and educate their students.

The book is called“Copy Me! Bible Quizzes” and is available from Rock Dove Publishers. Inside this 81/2×11 saddle-stitched book are 20 different quizzes ranging from the Christmas Quiz to the Crucifixion Quiz. The quizzes ask students about events and topics in Scripture that frequently are misunderstood. For example, many people think that the Wise Men visited Christ at the manger, when in fact they visited Christ at a later date when Mary and Joseph were living in a home (Mt 2:11).

The quizzes are laid out to enhance ease of use and to reduce costs. Rakow sagely made quizzes to occupy only 1/2 a page allowing him to place the same quiz next to its copy. In this way, a single photocopy creates two quizzes. One slice with a paper cutter, and the instructor has doubled the number of quizzes to hand out. Answers to the quizzes are on the reverse side allowing teachers to provide the answers or not. Don’t worry that the quizzes are too hard for your students. Each quiz is true/false allowing everyone to guess and still have fun while they are learning.

I am hoping to help Dr. Rakow create volume two. But for now, only volume 1 is available. Each one costs $19.95 plus S&H. To learn more visit Rock Dove Publications. I think your students will be glad you did. All of us are fond of best research paper writers as it came out as second to none.

Stephen Vantassel is Tutor of Theology at King’s Evangelical Divinity School

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