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Interpreting the Bible

The bible is an interesting and wonderful book (or, more accurately, collection of books). It has stood the test of time and had a great influence on world history. Though we may know little about it, when we pick it up and read, we can be almost shocked in places by its confrontational, take-me-as-I-am kind of attitude. And even if we don’t wish to dig deeper than the plain surface meaning of the text, or look into the history of the way the bible came to us, it seems, nevertheless, to have about it an inherent authority – a kind of given-ness. Millions of people have found real power in the words contained in the bible. It can change lives and has done so throughout its history. It is indeed ‘sharper than any two edged sword’ (Hebrews 4:12). Read more »


As I regularly write urging Pastors and Students to exhort their congregations to stand up and speak out against proposed laws and policies which are in danger of criminalising Christians…

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Revised Chinese Union Version Bible Announced

The long-awaited (27 years) RCUV has recently been announced by the American Bible Society (ABS). Hopefully, this will gain traction among Chinese Christians for whom the most popular Bible remains the 1919 Chinese Union Version. According to the ABS press release, “It provides an alternative to the Chinese Union Version, a translation that is filled with characters that are no longer commonly used and can be confusing to modern Chinese readers in more than 300,000 Chinese churches across the globe.” Read more »

It’s only a bit of paper

One thing which really concerns me today is the tendency for people not to marry but to simply live together. ‘Why get married just to get a certificate’, people will say; ‘after all, it’s only a bit of paper’. This is not a new saying of course; it was in use when I was a young man in the late 1960s and early ’70s. The difference between then and now is that in those days, most people still got married. People who loved each other used to be prepared to stand in front of witnesses and say so, promising themselves to one another for life. But like so many issues related to family, this has all changed in recent years. And one of the saddest symbols of that change is this pathetic and silly little mantra; ‘it’s only a bit of paper.’ Read more »

Civil Partnerships to take place in Churches?

Just picked this up from the Lawyers Christian Fellowship. Please do pass the link on to as many within your fellowships as possible..


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Historical Evidence

Evangelicals are trained to be highly suspicious of historical criticism. No wonder given how this critical tool has been used to undermine the truth of the Christian faith. Like most things, the problem wasn’t taking a critical view of historical evidence per se, rather the difficulty was the deistic and athiestic assumptions frequently grounding historical criticism.

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