Civil Partnerships to take place in Churches?

Just picked this up from the Lawyers Christian Fellowship. Please do pass the link on to as many within your fellowships as possible..


 Lord Alli’s Amendment to the Equality Bill, enabling Civil Partnerships to take place in Churches was rushed through the House of Lords last week. If it stands, this change in law will be used to pressurise Churches into holding Civil Partnerships, contrary to the teaching of the Bible.

Sign the petition to Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman, asking them to block this change.

  1. Dear Keith, Is it contrary to biblical teaching for Civil Partnerships to take place in Churches? There are lots about the relationships of married people, but I can’t think of anything that says a civil ceremony should not occur in church.


  2. Do you believe then, that holding a Civil Partnership ceremony between two people of the same sex, in a building which is dedicated to the worship of God, would be in line with the teaching of the bible?

  3. Regarding Peter’s comment above. Of course, the bible doesn’t say anything about civil partnerships in churches. It doesn’t say anything about football either.

    But churches are not buildings; the Church is the people. The local congregation makes up the local church.

    The bible would not go along with the idea that homosexual people should be ‘married’. The government in the UK are running a social experiment which is marginalising Christians and the Christian faith and trying to force the views of certain minorities upon everyone. Very soon now, we will see legal action being taken against churches and individual Christians who refuse to go along with the experiment. I pray to God that as the situation worsens, Christians will stand together and speak out.

  4. Hello Keith,

    You did not answer my question!


  5. Hello Keith, You did not answer my question. Peter

  6. Peter,
    Sorry not to have answered your question, I must confess to thinking it was just a bit tongue in cheek. Which is why I responded with a question – a good tradition 
    The question was “is it contrary to biblical teaching?” clearly the answer is yes it is.
    As you state, God gives clear instructions about marriage but not about same sex relationships; that is because it is marriage (which is only ever male/female) that is the only biblical basis for a sexual relationship.
    In fact, one could say that God has made remarkably clear His position of same sex relationships i.e. sexual relations between people of the same sex are harmful and wrong (sin) – ergo any relationship which has this sin at its heart, either informal or formalised by the state, is against His will.


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