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Here are a couple of useful links I found over at Justin Taylor’s excellent blog, Between Two Worlds. There should be some helpful stuff here for studying the Bible using electronic resources.

The iPad, the Kindle, and the Future of Books
Ken Auletta has a substantial report (6100+ words) in The New Yorker on whether or not the iPad can topple the Kindle and save the book business. It’s very helpful as an overview of what’s going on in the secular market with regard to books, publishing, and -ebooks.

How to Find Free Christian eBooks for the Kindle
Here’s how to find free Christian books for the Kindle: go to the Kindle store on Amazon.com and type in a Christian publisher. For example, I went to the Kindle store, typed in “Crossway Books” and up pops all of the books they have published on the Kindle format. Go to the upper right corner and click “sort by price: low to high” and if the publisher has any books for free they will be listed first.

Andy Cheung is the Academic Dean at King’s Evangelical Divinity School, a distance learning Bible College.

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