The Bible in Every Tongue: Amber and Terrill Schrock in Uganda

Here’s a great story about two Wycliffe missionaries that demonstrates the important, practical, God-Sized mission of Bible translation. I’ve never met Amber and Terrill so I’m glad that CBN made this little report. See the short five-minute video or read the article here

The husband and wife work for Wycliffe Bible Translators, the world’s largest Bible translation organization. Several years ago, Wycliffe launched a project to reach an estimated 200 million people around the world with a Bible written in their own language. Wycliffe USA president Bob Creson describes the campaign as “God-sized.” “We knew humanly speaking that it was going to be impossible unless God was a part of it,” he said.

Andy Cheung is the Academic Dean at King’s Evangelical Divinity School, a distance learning college.

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