No NET Bible update in 2010

One of our students recently pointed out that has announced that the once-projected 2010 update of the New English Translation (NET) is no longer going ahead. In the 2005 first edition of the NET, the following statement was made in the preface, “The NET BIBLE text (notes excluded) has now been frozen for at least 5 years. The next set of upgrades and improvements is planned for release in 2010.” But now, the makers of the translation have decided that there will be no text revisions in 2010 or the near future. On reflection, I think this is perhaps wise: the translation as it stands is already outstanding and as indicate, “a 2nd edition would generate a lot of turmoil with print providers and software publishers who use the NET Bible.” See the full announcement at

BTW I briefly reviewed the NET Bible a couple of years ago here

Andy Cheung is a lecturer in New Testament at King’s Evangelical Divinity School, a distance learning Bible college and Seminary in the UK.

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