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There is no God. Or is there?

I wonder how many KEDS students (if any) have read There is no a God by Antony Flew? The book is subtitled ‘How the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind’ and was first published in 2007 by HarperOne.

This is a wonderful read for so many reasons. Professor Flew – a true scholar and former professor of philosophy at Keele, Oxford and Aberdeen – more or less wrote the rule book for the so-called “new atheism” with his 1950 essay ‘Theology and Falsification’. The blurb on the back cover of the book tells us that this became ‘the most widely reprinted philosophical publication of the last half century.’ He grew famous – as has Richard Dawkins – for his atheistic views, and debated and spoke widely around the world as to why he did not believe in God. In a debate in the U.S in 1998, he said this; ‘I know there is no God’, and claimed that a system of belief about God contained contradictions similar to ‘unmarried husbands’ or ’round squares.’ Read more »

Online Journals

Rob Bradshaw has created a helpful table of contents for the online Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal. In Rob’s own words, “There are some good articles on the interpretation of Genesis and King James Onlyism for those with an interest in those subjects.” There is also a good deal else of interest: check out Rob’s comment here.

Whilst I’m at it, here’s a quick plug for Themelios which is generally underused by students in essay writing. It’s not part of our subscription journals package which is presumably why it’s underused among KEDS students but it is free online and contains numerous outstanding articles. Helpfully, they offer the online version in HTML, PDF and iPaper – visit their website here. The journal describes itself as, “an international evangelical theological journal that expounds and defends the historic Christian faith. Its primary audience is theological students and pastors, though scholars read it as well.”

Andy Cheung
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The Museum of Curiosity

Listening to the back end of a programme called The Museum of Curiosity (Radio 4, noon, Sunday, 6th June, 2010), my interest was suddenly grabbed by what was being said. Simon Evans, one of the panellists, was pointing out the ‘bizarre degree to which natural objects match up.’ He said that ‘the moon and sun match up to a very high degree of accuracy’, and went on to explain why. ‘The sun is 400 times the size of the moon but the moon is also about 400 times nearer to us, which makes them appear the same size.’ I’d never thought about this and found it really interesting. Of course, this ‘matching’ of the sizes explains why the moon exactly covers the sun in a solar eclipse. ‘It doesn’t prove there’s a God’, says the presenter, ‘but I have to say that if there were a God, and he wanted to arrange the heavens to give us some clue that there was something going on, he couldn’t have done a much better job than he did.’ Read more »

Were you one of them?

The Government has received more than 600 (607) objections to the first British television commercial for abortion services, Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has said.

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Not Dead Yet???

On June 3rd “Not Dead Yet UK’ (a catchy little name!) launched the ‘Resistance’ campaign to highlight the dangers of legalising assisted suicide.   Read more »