Linguistics for Biblical Studies Students

I sometimes think it’s a shame that Linguistics isn’t taught more widely and this is especially true with Biblical Studies where it can be a valuable subject when taught in association with Greek/Hebrew and Hermeneutics/Exegesis. A number of seminaries run Master’s degrees in Linguistics and Biblical Exegesis but for those interested in small-scale personal study, there are a couple of books worth reading. A student recently asked me for some book recommendations on the subject and I suggested the following:
Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek by David Alan Black. (There’s a full review available here)
Linguistics and Biblical Interpretation by Peter Cotterell and Max Turner.

Dr Black’s book is highly recommended: readable, scholarly and useful. (One of my professors once told me that usefulness is a much forgotten factor in academic books!) Later this summer, we will have an interview with Dr Black on our Talks With Scholars page.

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