The Seed Company Issues ‘The Blank Bible Challenge’ to U.S. Pastors

The following is a press release from The Seed Company, an offshoot of Wycliffe Bible Translators US, concerning a challenge to open the Bible. For those who have never heard of The Seed Company, it was launched in 1993 with a mandate to accelerate Bible translation efforts. It has now reached 600 language groups and much support is needed to continue their efforts. You can read their mission statement here. The Seed Company is based in America; for British readers of this blog, check out the efforts of Wycliffe UK at (A great place for useful information is their blog)

The Seed Company, the fastest growing Bible translation organization in the world, has unveiled an initiative to churches across the country — the Blank Bible Challenge. The campaign is designed to bring awareness for the need of Scripture translation for people groups that have never had God’s Word in their language.

According to the Center for Bible Engagement, 66 percent of Christians rarely or never read their Bible. Conversely, SIL International lists more than 353 million people who have no Scripture in their language. Roy Peterson, president of The Seed Company, states those two statistics spurred the organization to create this national challenge.

“Each year, 2.4 million people die without ever hearing the promises of God’s Word; yet, here in America, many more seem to take having a Bible in their language for granted,” said Peterson. “Our goal is to reinvigorate a love for the Bible nationally, so we can encourage churches to be connected with people groups internationally, which will enable us to translate the Scriptures into their heart language for the first time.”

The challenge officially kicks off in the fall. Pastors and church leaders from more than 34 states have already requested the Blank Bible Challenge preview kit found on its website at, expressing their interest in engaging their congregations and deepening their love for God’s Word, while simultaneously helping an entire people group obtain the Scriptures for the first time.

Peterson believes the Blank Bible Challenge is an effective way to incorporate its vision for seeing God’s Word transform lives in every language in this generation, while also serving the goals of pastors here in the U.S.

“We want to help pastors and their people get re-engaged in the Word and become more active about fulfilling the Great Commission, and this unique challenge is something any church can do,” said Peterson.

To learn more about signing up your church with the Blank Bible Challenge, or to ask questions about getting involved, visit For more information about The Seed Company and its efforts to accelerate Bible translation, visit

About The Seed Company

Founded in 1993 by Wycliffe Bible Translators, The Seed Company has become the fastest-growing Bible translation organization in the world with more than 600 projects underway or completed. The Seed Company was established to develop innovative ways to more rapidly, efficiently and accurately translate the Bible for people groups who do not have it in their heart language by working with local translators and leveraging emerging technology that is used in remote locations around the world. For more information, visit

SOURCE: The Seed Company
MEDIA CONTACT: The Seed Company Shawn Paul Wood, 972-499-6614

To find out more, visit The Blank Bible Challenge website

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