I’m terribly sorry if I offend anyone, but would it be OK to mention Jesus – oops so sorry…

I had just read our resident Provocateur’s article on the visit of the Pope ( give it a read if you haven’t yet… http://blog.kingsdivinity.org2010/09/the-popes-visit-to-britain/), when I checked my emails and found one from “Christian Concern for our Nation” launching their campaign NOT ASHAMED.  This campaign seems to me to be as John Cleese would say “stating the ________ obvious“.


I can almost hear the cries from churches saying we don’t need a campaign and a special day for this, this is how we should be living every day – and of course that’s right; that is how we should be living every day, but are we?

Jesus told us to be “Salt and Light” – are we?

We’re commanded to tell everyone we can about Jesus – do we?

Time is tight (Booker T and the MG’s I think?), so as we travel through the political conference season, wander past Halloween and into Advent, I wonder do we ever find ourselves in situations where we are too ashamed to mention Jesus?

Check out the campaign – www.notashamed.org.uk

  1. Hi Keith
    I agree that this is stating the obvious, and setting aside one miserable day for such an enterprise seems such a minute effort; but I suppose we’d also have to admit that it’s better than nothing. The really sad thing is, that we evangelicals often talk about warning people of the coming judgement, and likening this to being in a building we know to be alight but not shouting “Fire!!” But most of us are not shouting “Fire!” Most of us are in a cosy group of like-minded people, arguing about the hymns we’re singing.

    Oh, by the way, you’re right, it was Booker T. and the MGs. ‘Green Onions’ was also a good track.

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