The Pope’s Visit to Britain

I wonder what students (especially in the UK) think to the Pope’s visit to Britain? I’ve read articles by writers in such publications as the Evangelical Times and the Protestant Truth Society magazine who are very exercised about the visit and think it should never have happened. In this, they seem to find themselves on the same side as many humanists and secularists who have made quite a noise of protest in the British media.

Actually, I heard one of the latter, I think a spokesman for the NSS (National Secular Society… someone will no doubt correct me if I’m mistaken) on Jeremy Vine’s radio 2 chat show only yesterday lunchtime (17th September 2010). He said that there was no proof whatsoever for God and that as children grow up, they consign him, along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, to the things of childhood, things no longer to be believed (I paraphrase and abridge his argument).

It almost made me laugh out loud at the outrageous arrogance of such people (of which group I used to belong!), strutting around pronouncing their overarching knowledge about life, the universe and everything (as I used to do), whilst being as blind as blindfolded bats.

A rather nice philsophical argument against these people is to point out to them that if they are so sure that God does not exist, they must know all there is to know. But only one person could know all there is to know, and that would be God. QED. Excursus ended. Back to the Pope.

Unlike some of the right-wing evangelical media, I feel that this visit has opened a window of opportunity for serious Christians. God is currently at the top of the discussion agenda in the popular media, and it’s a chance, at work, at play, with family, over a drink in the pub etc, to discuss our faith and the things of God without feeling at a disadvantage from the outset.

  1. Chris,
    I agree, whilst there are significant theological issues which divide evangelicals and the Catholic Church, I can only applaud his timely, forthright and clear warning to all Christians in the UK to stand up against secularism – I’ve always taken the view that the best way to stand against something is to stand for something else, so I am thankful to the pope for opening up the opportunity for us to Stand up stand up for Jesus…

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