Revised Chinese Union Version (RCUV) Bible Released

Good News for Chinese Readers of the Bible, as a major new revision is released. Today, over 90% of Chinese Christians use the Chinese Union Version (CUV) which makes it effectively the standard edition. It was first released over 90 years ago so a revision has long been needed. Here is the news reported in the Singapore edition of the Christian Post:

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010
Amid much publicity and celebration, church leaders and government officials hailed the launch of the long-awaited modern language revision of the predominant Chinese Union Version (CUV) of the Holy Bible in Hong Kong last month.

The Revised Chinese Union Version (RCUV) is the first major revision of a 91-year-old Bible translation used by most of the estimated 70 million Chinese Christians who worship in over 300,000 churches worldwide.

An international team of scholars and experts were involved in the 27-year undertaking begun by the United Bible Societies (UBS).

In 2000, the Hong Kong Bible Society (HKBS) assumed full responsibility for the project. The UBS gathers 145 individual Bible Societies working in over 200 countries and territories including the HKBS.

Andy Cheung teaches at King’s Evangelical Divinity School, a distance education Bible College and Seminary in the UK.

  1. Hello Dr. Cheung, how would you compare the RCUV and the CNV, and which would you rate as the better translation? Personally I am trying to choose between them. Thank you very much for your attention, and may God bless you!

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