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HCSB available free for Amazon Kindle (UK only)

The Holy Bible: HCSB Digital Text Edition

The latest release (2010 edition) of the HCSB is currently available for free on Amazon UK’s Kindle site. Take a look at the link below. On my download, there do appear to be a few formatting errors, with spaces missing between words but I’m not sure if this problem is down to my Kindle application, the download itself or the publisher.

A more tolerant Britain?

I was saddened on Tuesday (18th January 2011) to read that Peter and Hazelmary Bull have lost the case brought against them by two gay men who wished to stay in a double room in the their guest-house. It has been alleged that the men deliberately targeted a Christian guest house and that the whole thing was a ‘setup’ by gay activist group, Stonewall, to try and make a point. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, but what I do know is that in the UK in 2011, if you don’t go along completely with the homosexual agenda, then you’re up against the law of the land. Read more »

Being Clearly Prophetic?

I’ve been a bit tardy with posting on here recently, for which I apologise. I’ve been blaming the pressures of ministry, family and secular work, and that’s all very fair and reasonable, after all life can get a bit crazy at times, but…….. Read more »

Baptism and the Church of England

I came across a short piece on page 11 of today’s Daily Telegraph (18th January 2011) conveying the news that clergy in the Church of England are calling for simplified language for services of baptism ‘to help non-church goers.’

Now, I wouldn’t particularly have a problem with using simple language for the many non-Christians attending such services who make up the congregation if it were not for one thing; the service is not for them! It is for the baptism of the candidate and the promises being made by the candidate and his/her sponsors in the context of worship directed towards almighty God. How can non-Christians be worshipping almighty God? Read more »

Book Review: Galatians (Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament) by Thomas R. Schreiner

Zondervan have continued their impressive service to the Biblical Studies community with a new series titled the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (ZECNT). Volumes have already appeared on the books of Matthew and James and several more are expected over the next few years. (I patiently await Moo on Hebrews and Thielman on Romans.) Read more »

Dr John Bendor-Samuel 1929-2011

Today, I received the following press release from Wycliffe Bible Translators UK:

It is with sadness that Wycliffe Bible Translators UK reports the death of Dr John Bendor-Samuel, Director-Emeritus of Wycliffe UK, following a road traffic accident close to his home on 6 January 2011. Read more »