A more tolerant Britain?

I was saddened on Tuesday (18th January 2011) to read that Peter and Hazelmary Bull have lost the case brought against them by two gay men who wished to stay in a double room in the their guest-house. It has been alleged that the men deliberately targeted a Christian guest house and that the whole thing was a ‘setup’ by gay activist group, Stonewall, to try and make a point. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, but what I do know is that in the UK in 2011, if you don’t go along completely with the homosexual agenda, then you’re up against the law of the land.

The judge in the case ruled that ‘civil partnerships should be treated in the same way as marriage.’ As a result, Peter and Hazelmary have to pay the homosexual couple £3,600 in damages. Though the couple are to be given the chance to appeal, Peter has just had triple heart bypass surgery and it’s not yet been decided whether they’ll feel able to go ahead with such an appeal.

Ironically, people such as the gay couple who took this action, often believe they are helping create a more tolerant Britain. Unfortunately their tolerance of views other than their own seems woefully lacking.

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