Being Clearly Prophetic?

I’ve been a bit tardy with posting on here recently, for which I apologise. I’ve been blaming the pressures of ministry, family and secular work, and that’s all very fair and reasonable, after all life can get a bit crazy at times, but……..

But since Christmas I’ve been leading my church through a series looking at our “core values”, a set of six headings which simply set out and explain the values that underpin our approach to living out what we believe; such things as being biblically discipled, spiritually authentic, clearly prophetic, community focussed, culturally relevant and mutually committed.

This past week we’ve been looking at what it means to be clearly prophetic, and I was reminded, as I prepared to preach, that though I may well be busy and even prophetic locally, there is a lot of stuff going on out there in the big wide world that needs all of us to stand up and question nationally before we find we are swamped locally.


And so as we see January heading towards February I wonder how many have been aware of, or done anything about this month’s injustices in the UK?

I’m thinking of things like:

  • January 18th, 2011 – The courts have ruled that the Christian owners of a guesthouse have acted unlawfully for limiting their bookings policy for double rooms to married couples only. Check out this link for the full story: Christian Institute;
  • January 11th, 2011The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) has removed the word “Christian” from its name, saying that the change will better reflect its role in society. Check out this link for the full story: Telegraph
  • January 13th, 2011 – The Equalities Minister (Lib Dem) Lynne Featherstone wants teachers, nurses and policemen to disclose their sexuality. Check out this link for the full story: Christian Concern.


Christians are called to be clearly prophetic ~ discuss


  1. Hi Keith
    Interesting post. Re the B&B couple, I already have a piece written which I was going to post when my entry of yesterday got a day or two older; I’ll maybe do it tomorrow.

    You are right. As Christians we should be standing up to be counted. I think one big problem here is that people are actually beginning to get frightened of saying what they feel. So much for free speech! The ‘Thought Police’ (of 1984 fame) are truly with us. And to make it even worse, we have to walk on eggshells so we don’t ‘offend those of other faiths.’ Whoever could have believed the UK would come to this?

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