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Ekballo – Sent Out Or Driven Out??

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary defines the Greek compound verb ἐκβάλλωas meaning ‘to cast, drive, expel, send or thrust out of’. The word is a composite of 2 Greek words, namely, the preposition ‘ἐκ’ meaning ‘of’ or ‘from, out’ and the verb ‘βάλλω’ meaning ‘cast, drive etc’. Once the various personal endings have been accounted for, the verb occurs 81 times in the Greek New Testament. The majority usage of ἐκβάλλω and βάλλω in the New Testament are mainly within the synoptic gospels, with a dozen or so occurrences spread across John’s gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. In addition ἐκβάλλω also appears once in Galatians, whilst βάλλω occurs several times in Revelation. For the main part ἐκβάλλωis translated as ‘cast out’ in the New Testament. It is exclusively the verb used when Jesus or his disciples ‘cast out’ demons. Consider the following examples:

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Egypt and Isaiah 19

With all that has unfolded in Egypt, I was not surprised to hear from ministries that focus on current events and biblical, end-times eschatology. What got my attention, however, was how two very independent ministries from the U.S. and Israel both drew specific focus to Isaiah 19:2-4, implying the passage was experiencing a present-day fulfillment. At first glance, Isaiah’s prophecy seems very appropriate to the current situation. But, as hermeneutic practice dictates, it became very clear that this passage is not necessarily all that it is being promoted to mean in terms of a present fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

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Smartphone App Makes Book Citations a Snap

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

A new smartphone application takes most of the grunt work out of citing books in scholarly papers.

Quick Cite, which costs 99 cents and is available for both iPhones and Android-based phones, uses the camera on a smartphone to scan the bar code on the back of a book. It then e-mails you a bibliography-ready citation in one of four popular styles—APA, MLA, Chicago, or IEEE.

Andy Cheung is based at King’s Evangelical Divinity School, an accredited British college delivering distance learning courses worldwide.

Gay church ‘marriages’ to get the go-ahead?

The BBC is reporting that Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister, is soon expected to layout plans to lift the ban on civil partnerships being conducted in places of worship and to allow such ceremonies to have a religious element.

“Why is this an issue for you Christians?” I was asked earlier, “Surely you’ll get more people in?”

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An update on the Church of England and baptism

Those of you who read my piece on the 18th January may be interested in a story in today’s Daily Telegraph (10th February 2011). It seems that members of the General Synod have now voted in favour of ‘updating’ the texts for use in baptismal services in the Church of England. For those of you who are not in the know, these texts usually come from Common Worship (2000) which itself is an update of The Alternative Service Book of 1980. So we are not talking about updating archaic language here. We are talking of – according to the Telegraph – more ‘Eastenders than the Bible.’ Read more »