Gay church ‘marriages’ to get the go-ahead?

The BBC is reporting that Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister, is soon expected to layout plans to lift the ban on civil partnerships being conducted in places of worship and to allow such ceremonies to have a religious element.

“Why is this an issue for you Christians?” I was asked earlier, “Surely you’ll get more people in?”

And why is it an issue, after all the government assure us that we wouldn’t be forced to…..

Andrea Minichiello Williams, of Christian Concern, summed it up more succinctly than I could, she said: “This move was not asked for by the general public, but pushed for by homosexual lobby groups who advocate a radical, ideologically driven ‘equalities agenda’, that seeks to re-define the family and re-organise society. I believe that the British public value the institution of marriage and don’t want to see marriage and the family undermined. Marriage is a life-long commitment and the safest place to nurture children with the complementary role models of a mother and a father. It is the bed-rock of society.”

“Although we are being promised that the proposed new rights will be ‘optional’, there is little doubt that our existing laws will be used and tested by homosexual campaigners to pursue discrimination claims against those who resist.”

“This new move could be a very significant marker towards the ending of genuine religious freedom in this country. In a very short time we may well see churchman from a range of backgrounds being dragged through the Courts for refusing to marry homosexuals and sanction their behaviour.”


Please make the effort to be salt and light and:

  • Email, write to or visit your MP as soon as you can to state your disquiet over these reports. In writing recognise that no government statement has yet been made but note that media reports concern you, and ask them to comment on them. Also request further information as it becomes available. As always, a simple polite letter will gain the best response 


  • You could also email or write to the government ministers with responsibility for such matters – Lynne Featherstone MP (Equalities Minister) and Rt Hon Theresa May MP (Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality).


Not sure how to contact your MP, just click here.

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