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Colossians Commentaries

A while ago, I put together a quick guide to commentaries on Colossians for the benefit of a newsletter that subsequently never went to print. Here, if anybody is interested, are some very brief remarks on recommended commentaries on Colossians from an evangelical perspective. This list is restricted to technical or semi-technical works: excellent devotional commentaries include R. C. Lucas’ The Message of Colossians in the Bible Speaks Today series and Kent Hughes’ Colossians & Philemon in the Preaching the Word series. Read more »

ESV Bible Atlas

The ESV Bible Atlas by John D. Currid and David P. Barrett is a useful and inexpensive resource for students at all levels of theological study.

ESV Atlas
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The High Court discriminates against Christians….

In a landmark ruling by the high court, an individual’s sexual preference has been given greater importance in law than another individual’s right to live out their Christian faith – BBC, Daily Telegraph.

I assert that this ruling will have a significant and negative impact on Christians in the UK…