Dr, Dr how dare you!

I see that the Telegraph (link to article) is reporting that a family doctor, Dr Richard Scott, was reprimanded by the General Medical Council for talking to a patient about God.

This kind of thing is happening more often these days. I wonder is that because Christians are becoming bolder or the UK society less tolerant of Christians?

I’d challenge us to consider, how committed Christians should respond to this kind of news story.

Answers below please…

  1. Chris Lazenby

    Isn’t it barmy!? I think it’s probably a bit of both, but mainly perhaps that people are more intolerant. As they can’t be intolerant of any other religion, Christianity is the obvious choice to oppose.

    I consider, as a committed Christian, that I should be free to witness and talk about God as much as I like. If this means getting the thought police knocking at my door, so be it.

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