Daniel Wallace NIV 2011

Dan Wallace, who is always worth reading, has begun a four-part series on the NIV 2011 edition. The first two posts are available here and here. It’s not just a review of the newly updated NIV, but also contains a select history of Bible translation, which is well worth a read. If you want something meatier, go with what I’m currently rereading this week: David Daniell’s outstanding 900 page historical survey titled, The Bible in English, by some distance the best book of this type. Admittedly, at 900 pages, it might be a bit long for most, in which case go for the next best thing: Bruce Metzger’s Bible in Translation:Ancient and English Versions.

  1. Thank you, Andy

    This is just what I need!

    For personal research, ongoing.

  2. andycheungtest2

    A new Greek/English NT based on the NIV 2011 has just been released

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