Monthly Archives: March 2012

There is a lot going on!

I’m aware that during the past few months I’ve been dreadful at getting important stuff posted on here, and after a lot of thought and prayer I’m intending to have a trial at using twitter to update all who want to be updated, on News, notes, and guidance for Christians seeking to be salt and light in society.

I’m sure that many pick up these issues from plenty of other sources, but if you want an easy and instant way to do this please do use my twitterings at

The Coalition for Marriage

There is currently a move afoot in Britain to change the definition of marriage. Those in this country who wish to show their opposition can do so by signing the petition organised by the Coalition for Marriage.

For far too long in this country, Christians have sat back and allowed minority groups to so change our society that to even hold to traditional Christian values is now seen by many as ‘wrong’ or even (as I recently heard on a BBC Radio 4 phone in programme) evil! Here is at least one chance to join together with all like-minded Christians and make our protest known.