Monthly Archives: June 2012

New Publications By Visiting KEDS Tutor

KEDS tutor Dr Derek Tidball has many books and other published works to his name (for details view his Faculty page). His most recent titles are The Message of Holiness: Restoring God’s Image(Nottingham, IVP, BST, 2010) and The Message of Women: Creation, Gender and Grace (Nottingham, IVP, BST 2012), which is due out in October.

But perhaps of special interest to students of theology at this time (considering the furore over Rob Bell’s Love Wins) would be his article; ‘Can Evangelicals be Universalists?’, published in Evangelical Quarterly 84.1 (2012).

Apart from his busy life as a writer and visiting tutor for KEDS, Derek is also visiting Scholar at Spurgeon’s College, London.

Back to Eden

In the midst of much international conflict and generally what seems like depressing news, it is always encouraging to read something positive and uplifting. The Back to Eden film project is one such bit of encouraging news. It is a very practical documentary about gardening with extraordinary results mixed with reflections on God’s Word that combines for a very encouraging, almost two-hour video. If you are into gardening or have thought about it, but do not know where to start, set aside some time for this video. You will be treated to some good ideas for how to grow your own fruits and veggies as well as have your soul encouraged in the Lord.

Christians Caught in the Headlights of Syrian Crisis

Assyrian International News (AINA) has recently highlighted the plight of Syrian Christians who are caught proverbially between a rock and a hard place—”un­certain whether to commit themselves to a besieged regime or to opposition groups, often indistinguishable from radical Islamists.” Syrian Christians, among other minority groups, are helpless, anxious spectators who do not know if their rights would be guaranteed to live freely in Syria after regime change.

Personal Knowledge Base (PKB) Software

For those not put-off by Orwellian-sounding terms like “mind mapping,” there is new free software available  for putting into visual form one’s personal tasks and ideas. The Brain is a brainstorming, knowledge management, and personal organisation tool that allows “anytime access” from your desktop, web browser, or mobile device.