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Reverend Eugene Nida

THE REVEREND EUGENE NIDA, who has died aged 96, helped translate the Bible into more than 200 languages, enabling the world’s most popular book to be understood by remote populations from the icy wastes of the Arctic Circle to the deserts of Africa. (From the obituary here at the Daily Telegraph)

Daniel Wallace NIV 2011

Dan Wallace, who is always worth reading, has begun a four-part series on the NIV 2011 edition. The first two posts are available here and here. It’s not just a review of the newly updated NIV, but also contains a select history of Bible translation, which is well worth a read. If you want something meatier, go with what I’m currently rereading this week: David Daniell’s outstanding 900 page historical survey titled, The Bible in English, by some distance the best book of this type. Admittedly, at 900 pages, it might be a bit long for most, in which case go for the next best thing: Bruce Metzger’s Bible in Translation:Ancient and English Versions.

Themelios 36.1

Just had a chance to check out the latest edition of Themelios (Volume 36, Issue 1 May 2011) and as usual, it features some very helpful thoughts and articles. The main entries are below, together with the usual excellent range of book reviews.

D. A. Carson – Editorial: On Abusing Matthew 18
Carl Trueman – Minority Report: Know Your Limits: The Key Secret of Theological Controversy
Keith E. Johnson – Trinitarian Agency and the Eternal Subordination of the Son: An Augustian Perspective
Uche Anizor – A Spirited Humanity: The Trinitarian Ecclesiology of Colin Gunton
Stephen Dempster – Review Article: Magnum Opus and Magna Carta: The Meaning of the Pentateuch
Robert H. Gundry – Pastoral Pensées: The Hopelessness of the Unevangelized

It’s available free online guide in HTML format or PDF.

D.A. Carson Interviewed on Biblical Exegesis

Video interview with Don Carson by R. C. Sproul on the task of exegesis

RC Sproul interviews DA Carson on biblical exegesis at Ligonier.

Incidentally, Carson’s Exegetical Fallacies is a fabulous study of some of the most common hermeneutical fallacies that exegetes face when interpreting scripture. The book identifies common grammatical, lexical, cultural, theological, and historical mistakes that preachers, pastors and students make frequently.

Andy Cheung teaches New Testament at King’s Evangelical Divinity School, an accredited distance learning theological college in the UK.

Colossians Commentaries

A while ago, I put together a quick guide to commentaries on Colossians for the benefit of a newsletter that subsequently never went to print. Here, if anybody is interested, are some very brief remarks on recommended commentaries on Colossians from an evangelical perspective. This list is restricted to technical or semi-technical works: excellent devotional commentaries include R. C. Lucas’ The Message of Colossians in the Bible Speaks Today series and Kent Hughes’ Colossians & Philemon in the Preaching the Word series. Read more »

ESV Bible Atlas

The ESV Bible Atlas by John D. Currid and David P. Barrett is a useful and inexpensive resource for students at all levels of theological study.

ESV Atlas
Read more »