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There is a lot going on!

I’m aware that during the past few months I’ve been dreadful at getting important stuff posted on here, and after a lot of thought and prayer I’m intending to have a trial at using twitter to update all who want to be updated, on News, notes, and guidance for Christians seeking to be salt and light in society.

I’m sure that many pick up these issues from plenty of other sources, but if you want an easy and instant way to do this please do use my twitterings at

Dr, Dr how dare you!

I see that the Telegraph (link to article) is reporting that a family doctor, Dr Richard Scott, was reprimanded by the General Medical Council for talking to a patient about God.

This kind of thing is happening more often these days. I wonder is that because Christians are becoming bolder or the UK society less tolerant of Christians?

I’d challenge us to consider, how committed Christians should respond to this kind of news story.

Answers below please…

The High Court discriminates against Christians….

In a landmark ruling by the high court, an individual’s sexual preference has been given greater importance in law than another individual’s right to live out their Christian faith – BBC, Daily Telegraph.

I assert that this ruling will have a significant and negative impact on Christians in the UK…


Gay church ‘marriages’ to get the go-ahead?

The BBC is reporting that Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister, is soon expected to layout plans to lift the ban on civil partnerships being conducted in places of worship and to allow such ceremonies to have a religious element.

“Why is this an issue for you Christians?” I was asked earlier, “Surely you’ll get more people in?”

And why is it an issue, after all the government assure us that we wouldn’t be forced to….. Read more »

Being Clearly Prophetic?

I’ve been a bit tardy with posting on here recently, for which I apologise. I’ve been blaming the pressures of ministry, family and secular work, and that’s all very fair and reasonable, after all life can get a bit crazy at times, but…….. Read more »

I’m terribly sorry if I offend anyone, but would it be OK to mention Jesus – oops so sorry…

I had just read our resident Provocateur’s article on the visit of the Pope ( give it a read if you haven’t yet… http://blog.kingsdivinity.org2010/09/the-popes-visit-to-britain/), when I checked my emails and found one from “Christian Concern for our Nation” launching their campaign NOT ASHAMED.  This campaign seems to me to be as John Cleese would say “stating the ________ obvious“.

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