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Applicable versus Academic Theology

At a meeting of theological college leaders I recently attended, someone distributed copies of an interesting article concerning the failures of academic theology (you can view the article here). Dry, rationalist academic theology, which is heavily dependent on the historical-critical approach, is often wholly inadequate for training people for ministry. Yet sadly, many Christian colleges are allowing academic theology to dictate what they teach their students, when what is needed is a return to church and biblical theology. The re-emergence of biblical theology (which is re-asserting itself once again within academic theology circles, somewhat ironically because the current postmodern Zeitgeist permits any and all approaches as equally valid) is particularly exciting, though the church might well wonder what all the fuss is about, given that this has been its approach for two thousand years! (For further insight into the rise of biblical theology, see my book review published in Evangelical Quarterly last year and available here). Read more »