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Book Recommendation – Christian Ethics: An Introduction to Biblical Moral Reasoning by Wayne Grudem.

I’ve been waiting for this volume for some time because there are few books on Christians ethics that I would immediately recommend. As a Christian and teacher of Theology, I’ve long wanted an easy-to-read but technically in-depth guide that covers a broad range of relevant, contemporary issues delivered in well-written, easy to understand language and which, most importantly, is biblical faithful. That set of requirements is met comfortably by Wayne Grudem’s latest work on Christian ethics. It is simply the best book of its type that you can buy.

Many will be familiar with Dr Grudem’s Sytematic Theology. One of its best features is the clarity of language. For whatever reason, writers on systematics haven’t always exhibited the greatest skill in writing but Grudem’s work is a class apart in this aspect. The same easy-to-read style is found in Christian Ethics and, as with Systematic Theology, the clarity is coupled with precision and accuracy in the use of terms and definitions. That’s not easy to accomplish. Often, less skilled writers (including me) will sacrifice readability for accuracy. On the other hand, one can easily make the mistake of avoiding technicalities to the extent that vagueness and imprecision clouds the truth. It’s rare to find a writer who can match readability with accuracy and in this, Grudem is one of the most gifted.

Another similarity this book has with Systematic Theology is the organisation of chapters into specific units, each covering a particular topic. Therefore, one doesn’t need to read it front-to-back for it can be used as a reference book as well. Topics covered are exhaustive, as can be seen from the contents page provided by the publisher here. But by way of example, and in no particular order, here are some questions that Grudem deals with on various ethical topics:

Is it ever right to lie? Is it wrong to work on Sundays? How can husbands have a leadership role in marriage if men and women are equal in value before God? What is the right relationship between church and state? Does the Bible support monarchies, or does it favor some sort of democracy? Is it ever right for the government to put a criminal to death? Is it right for nations to have nuclear weapons? Is it right for a Christian to own a gun? What about abortion in the case of rape or to save the life of the mother? Should the law allow doctors to perform euthanasia when a patient requests it? What should we think about sleep, vaccinations, organic foods, tattoos, and circumcision? Is it wrong for a couple to live together prior to marriage Why is viewing pornography wrong? If a divorce is granted for biblically legitimate reasons, is remarriage always allowed? How should we evaluate the claims of certain people that they are “transgender”? Is all monetary inequality morally wrong? How much of our income should we give to the Lord’s work? Does the Bible teach us that it is always wrong to charge interest on a loan? 

Grudem’s theology is best described as reformed evangelical and Christians from that perspective, or from conservative viewpoints generally, will find much in agreement with this book. It takes courage to discuss some of the matters contained, but Grudem is willing to tackle difficult topics head-on and is respectful and courteous in assessing opposing views. I certainly found his arguments consistently persuasive and academically rigorous.

One downside to the book is the noticeably US-centric material. For example, the chapter on drugs and alcohol begins with a lengthy introduction giving statistics on alcohol abuse, all of which are from the US. So we learn that 10% of US children live with a parent with alcohol problems; that in 2014, 31% of US driving fatalities were linked to alcohol; and that 88,000 people a year die from alchohol-related deaths in the US

Similarly, the chapter on divorce and remarriage offers more American statistics: in 2014 there were 813,862 divorces and that the number of US couples getting married has fallen from 10.6 marriages per 1000 people in the 1980s to 6.8 marriages per 1000 people in 2009-2012. Elsewhere, we learn that in 2013, the US Department of Agriculture estimated that the total cost of raising a child from birth to high school graduation was $245,340. Such statistics won’t resonate as much for readers in another countries and cultures. (As an aside, given this is an academic book touching on social sciences, the data is somewhat outdated for a 2018 publication.

But these are minor quibbles. The rest of this worthy tome is biblically faithful, well-written, and both a joy and a challenge to read. This will be useful for bible college or seminary students taking introductory classes in Christian ethics, but it’s also well suited for Christians interested in how to think about living lives that reflect the ethical values of the Bible.

Dr Andy Cheung teaches Theology at King’s Evangelical Divinity School.

Ex KEDS Student Publications

Former KEDS student Dr Mike Lowis has published three new books. Mike (whom many KEDS students will know through the college forum) writes:

Each of the books was inspired and informed by the KEDS studies. (Students) may have seen my Forum postings in the past, where I have encouraged them to consider making the most of their academic research and assignments by writing papers, articles or books. It was certainly satisfying for me to do so. Because my books are written in an academic style, the readership will probably be mostly students, clerics, and others who are comfortable with this type of investigative, theological writing.

Details of the books can be found via the following links:

The Gospel Miracles: What Really Happened
Ageing Disgracefully, with Grace: Enjoying Growing Older
Euthanasia, Suicide, and Despair: Can the Bible Help?

Sexual Orientation, ‘Commited, Loving Same-Sex Relationships’ and The Biblical Prohibition of Homosexuality.

When considered contextually and objectively, the Scriptures are not silent concerning homosexuality. They always, without exception, treat homosexuality as a violation of the divine order; that is the biblical witness clearly and counter-culturally prohibits all forms of same-sex intercourse. Whilst justification of this statement and consideration of the biblical witness is impossible here, suffice it to say that the arguments advanced by those who propose that scripture is ambivalent or accepting of same-sex relationships are exegetically weak. Consequently, if the authority of Scripture means anything, then those who take a revisionist approach and seek to overturn scriptural core values must meet an extraordinary and overwhelming burden of proof.

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Back to Eden

In the midst of much international conflict and generally what seems like depressing news, it is always encouraging to read something positive and uplifting. The Back to Eden film project is one such bit of encouraging news. It is a very practical documentary about gardening with extraordinary results mixed with reflections on God’s Word that combines for a very encouraging, almost two-hour video. If you are into gardening or have thought about it, but do not know where to start, set aside some time for this video. You will be treated to some good ideas for how to grow your own fruits and veggies as well as have your soul encouraged in the Lord.

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I love writing but it has always been in spurts.

I won a short-story contest in a newspaper once. I wrote a column about crazy driving in yet another line about shifts in my personal career and South Florida that got published. All of this over a span of approximately 1-5 years therefore you’ll be able to see that I indulge the urge to write, hardly prolific. About a couple of years ago a friend gave me a copy of ” The Artist’s Method ” by Julia Cameron and that I started doing’ morning pages’. That is Ms. Cameron’s way of priming the creative pump by writing everyday nonstop for three pages. I was surprised with all the occasional display of originality however instantly felt pressure to make a move with these ideas therefore rather morning pages became’ once in a while’ webpages but I was astonished at how much I enjoyed the process and I believed more about why I ignored writing. I purchased a laptop computer with smaller pages but kept writing.

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Next I invested in two publications ” Poetry Matters: Writing a Poem from the Inside Out ” by Ron Fletcher and ” The Poetry Home-Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets ” by Ted Kooser.

These novels are easy to study and light-hearted. They assisted me begin to pay attention to metaphors that were significant, fascinating word combinations and playful utilization of language. I strongly recommend them to acquire a larger appreciation of poems. I also bought Mary Pipher’s book’ Writing to Shift the World’. Like me Ms. Pipher is a psychotherapist and a a writer who uses her wonderful words to share ideas, a words you need to listen to. I pondered if I could make a big difference with my writing voice. Can I compose an interesting short-story for the literacy student tutor ?

Websites that are good ensure it is simple.

Can I write when I see an abundance of joy return into a person’s life, a poetry that described the great thing about the healing process ?

Can I I write to modify people’s outlook on the chance for recognition and transformation ? So I attempted it and sent a poem to Peppertree Media that creates an area newspaper of writing in California and they printed it ! The short-story attempted but that was dull as dirt. It’s a genuine gift to be able to compose misinformation that I simply don’t have. Well, perhaps not yet. Afterward I obtained an email Bill Anderson, from another therapist, having a link to a web-based article on weight loss which is his specialty. The content was not bad but what was this-world of electronic magazines ? Putting around their website I discovered a site that was friendly encouraging me to write some thing about what I understand.

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So how did I want to change the planet ?

My specialization is Dissociative Identity Dis-Order and that I wanted folks to better understand the procession of post traumatic anxiety disorder. It’s more widespread than counselors and psychiatrists believe but it really is often missed which leads in clients’ lives to years of turmoil and analysis. Basically possibly could assist a client recognize how they used dissociation to survive childhood mistreatment or help a family member comprehend the logical but unexpected behavior of their comparable and even better raise the awareness of mental-health specialists so they are able to provide effective treatment then I’d have completed my little part to change the entire world. I’m the type that percolates then suddenly and thoughts awakens in the morning knowing how the entire post should be. Out sprang several articles that I submitted each and on the web was recognized. What pleasure it had been to see my articles in print watching the growing number of viewpoints in the writer reviews. I was off. You are known by me significant authors are saying that this is not about enjoyment but about driving traffic to your web site or displaying your expertise.

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I get that-but, really, using a worldwide market I am not prone to pick up too many customers attempting to travel to Florida to get a treatment but I have been influenced to purchase a web camera and explore the world of on-line training.

I use the numbers to see which issues are not unpopular and include links to my posts on my website. Two posts on laziness and procrastination have done nicely. Should I be surprised ? It’s only taken me 20 years to take my very own writing significantly. EzineArticles is one business that continues to encourage me with writing author case-studies, tips and ideas. I enjoy that stuff.

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Therefore start taking a little notebook with you and writing down thoughts and observations where-ever you are. Make it part of your life to believe when it comes to revealing your voice that is written with an audience. Make use of a site to make your writing public. Recognize the others to be encouraged by a tiny strategy and you will see through the sputtering and relish the trip. Essays