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There Probably Isn’t a God

I’ve been interested to see the unfolding story of the poster campaign which is currently being run on buses around the country. The poster reads: ‘There probably isn’t a God, so stop worrying and enjoy your life.’ I’ve just had a look at the website which is linked to this campaign; www.thereprobablyisnt.com and have read a few of the supporters’ contributions. All the usual things are there, along with the old favourite – ‘how can otherwise intelligent people believe in God?’ – blah blah. I’m sure you too will have heard it all before. Read more »

Leaving a Church

Recently, I’ve become inadvertently involved in a discussion in what is (strictly speaking) a student area of our ecampus forum. I was scanning new messages one day and found myself intrigued by the heading ‘clerical collars’ in the student ‘cafe’. I just had to enter and have a look, and since that time (when I joined in the debate) the basic discussion as to whether ministers should identify themselves has developed into one on ‘liberal’ churches etc, and whether we (i.e., evangelicals) should remain in such churches. This morning, I wondered whether this might not be a good topic for wider discussion and so I make this post. Read more »