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An update on the Church of England and baptism

Those of you who read my piece on the 18th January may be interested in a story in today’s Daily Telegraph (10th February 2011). It seems that members of the General Synod have now voted in favour of ‘updating’ the texts for use in baptismal services in the Church of England. For those of you who are not in the know, these texts usually come from Common Worship (2000) which itself is an update of The Alternative Service Book of 1980. So we are not talking about updating archaic language here. We are talking of – according to the Telegraph – more ‘Eastenders than the Bible.’ Read more »

Baptism and the Church of England

I came across a short piece on page 11 of today’s Daily Telegraph (18th January 2011) conveying the news that clergy in the Church of England are calling for simplified language for services of baptism ‘to help non-church goers.’

Now, I wouldn’t particularly have a problem with using simple language for the many non-Christians attending such services who make up the congregation if it were not for one thing; the service is not for them! It is for the baptism of the candidate and the promises being made by the candidate and his/her sponsors in the context of worship directed towards almighty God. How can non-Christians be worshipping almighty God? Read more »