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Music and Worship

There’s a lot of discussion these days (some of it heated) between supporters of contemporary Christian worship music and so-called traditionalists. Just to refine that last term a little, I would define a ‘traditionalist’ as someone who prefers hymns (music and words) in the traditional style, whether they be pretty old (as for example Love Divine All Loves Excelling) or fairly new (as for example I, The Lord of Sea and Sky). These same people would probably also prefer to hear what we would generally call ‘classical’ music during other parts of a service (for example whilst entering and leaving the church building). However, in my view, almost all of the arguments based on contemporary versus traditional music miss out on the most important factor:  this is that God deserves the best we can offer. I believe that there is good, bad and indifferent music (in all genres). I also believe that a lot of the music being offered to God is indifferent or bad music. Read more »