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St. Mugg and Christmas

I’ve always been a great fan of the writings of Malcolm Muggeridge – ‘St. Mugg’ as he affectionately became known in his later years. Muggeridge led an interesting life; as a young man he was the Guardian correspondent for the USSR, and during World War 2, a secret agent. In later life he became editor of Punch magazine, and later still found celebrity status in the UK and America, largely due to his new-found Christian faith, which eventually led to the nick-name. Read more »


There are many sideways ‘swipes’ at the Christian faith which go on in the media throughout the year. But Christmas really seems to bring out the worst in third rate comedians who think they’re being funny or original in mocking the Christmas story. So often in recent years (2009 being no exception), I’ve heard the sneering jibes made about ‘the baby Jesus’, and unsavoury humour about the Virgin and child, delivered in that deprecating way which will jar on the hearts and minds of all true Christians. But I find it impossible to be judgmental; heaven knows, I once ridiculed Christ myself. Read more »