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Keswick 2010; the dumbing down of Christian music

Last year, I wrote an entry expressing my concern at the dumbing down of music at the Keswick Convention (Cumbria, UK) and in the Christian Church generally. This year, I again attended Keswick, but chose the first, rather than second or third week, as this has the reputation of being a little more ‘traditional’ on the worship side of services (1).

Once again, I’m afraid my review is critical. The music has, if anything, moved further down the route of the outdated, middle of the road sounding pop song. There are hardly any traditional hymns left. It saddens me so much to see our great hymnody discarded in this way and strikes me as irresponsible and almost criminal. I felt so miserable and angry about this, that one night I couldn’t sleep and lay awake for hours, my mind running across the words of so many wonderful hymns; Love Divine, all Loves Excelling; O Love That Will Not Let Me Go; Tell Out My Soul, the Greatness of the Lord! And so on. What will happen to these and thousands more? Well, if we leave it to people who organise large Christian events, they’ll be forgotten, that’s what. Read more »