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Protecting the Environment

One of the fundamental debates of the environmental movement is over what is the best way to protect the environment. This question concerns the macro-level. Should we put land into the public trust by making it the property of the government along the lines of Yellowstone Park? Or should we encourage private ownership?

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Why Christians Cannot Support Animal Rights

I am constantly amazed by the number of self-professed Christians who consider themselves supporters of animal rights. They cite the same tired arguments about how God watches the sparrows as proof that God cares (in an emotive sense)  for each and every animal as individuals.  I will address their abuse and twisting of scripture in future posts. But let’s just say for the time being, that the God that supposedly wants us to run myriads of animal shelters was the same God that killed untold millions of “innocent” animals in Noah’s flood. Read more »

Divorce Encourages Environmental Degradation

In the July-September 2008 issue of Conservation Magazine pp. 22-27, the author discusses the findings of J. Liu regarding the impact of human activity and the environment. What was interesting was it mentioned his research found in a 2007 article entitled “Environmental impacts of Divorce.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104(51): 20629-20634.

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