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Nuance or Black and White?

I recently read the interview of bioethicist John Wyatt by Andy Cheung. I am thankful that Dr. Wyatt is working for the cause Christian values. But I must admit at being a little irked at his comment regarding American Evangelical opposition to abortion-on-demand as lacking nuance and leading to harsh and polarizing rhetoric.

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Derek Tidball Seminar: Sat 27 March (Birmingham, UK)

A note for your diaries: we have a one-day seminar booked with Derek Tidball on the last Saturday of March. This is open to all students but is especially useful for Masters students because Dr. Tidball will be speaking about the current state of Evangelicalism in the West (special interest for Module 724 on the MA programme).

The subject of evangelicalism and its current expression in the West is likely to be interesting for all students so please consider coming whether you are studying for KYB, Undergraduate or Postgraduate awards. The seminar will be a daytime event with Dr. Tidball giving four lectures. There will be opportunities for questions and answers.
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