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High Street Evangelism

I had a rather unusual experience (for me) today, in that I got involved in a discussion about ‘religion’ in the middle of the busy hight Street in Skipton, North Yorkshire (which is near to where we live). A dear old saint who is there week by week, handing out little tracts and telling people that ‘Jesus loves you’ seemed to be having a hard time with a young, well educated man, who had stopped and was arguing (in a rather loud voice) about the age of the universe, carbon-dating, miracles and so on. I couldn’t help but overhear and wandered a little closer where I gradually got drawn into the discussion. Read more »

The Shack

I’ve just finished reading The Shack by Wm Paul Young. The book seems to have caused quite a stir and the internet is littered with reviews either lauding it it or criticising it. There is indeed a great deal to criticise, and yet, I hesitate, because there is also a quality of beauty about the book that takes one off guard. Read more »