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The Museum of Curiosity

Listening to the back end of a programme called The Museum of Curiosity (Radio 4, noon, Sunday, 6th June, 2010), my interest was suddenly grabbed by what was being said. Simon Evans, one of the panellists, was pointing out the ‘bizarre degree to which natural objects match up.’ He said that ‘the moon and sun match up to a very high degree of accuracy’, and went on to explain why. ‘The sun is 400 times the size of the moon but the moon is also about 400 times nearer to us, which makes them appear the same size.’ I’d never thought about this and found it really interesting. Of course, this ‘matching’ of the sizes explains why the moon exactly covers the sun in a solar eclipse. ‘It doesn’t prove there’s a God’, says the presenter, ‘but I have to say that if there were a God, and he wanted to arrange the heavens to give us some clue that there was something going on, he couldn’t have done a much better job than he did.’ Read more »