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Genuine Fake Watches

My wife and I have just returned from three weeks’ holiday. During this time, we got to some interesting places including Rome, Istanbul, Corinth and Ephesus. As a Christian, these particular places were naturally of great interest to me. But yet again, I was struck by the superstition which still surrounds the Christian faith in so many places.

I’ve often thought the Church took a ‘left turn’ when Christianity was adopted by the Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century AD. From this point, the genuine article, the true faith, as revealed to us in the New Testament began to be swamped with worldly things. Pagan shrines and places of worship were ‘Christianised’, as were pagan festivals (such as 25th December). At the same time, the sudden acceptance and therefore ‘respectability’ of the faith created a demand, not just for places of worship, festivals and ritual, but relics and holy sites too. For example, whilst in Ephesus, we visited the tomb of St. John (though his bones have apparently been removed and taken to Rome). Nearby is the house where Mary, the mother of our Lord, lived out the remainder of her life (John having taken her to Ephesus with him). Such sites may or may not be genuine but of course, the tourist industry works hard to convince us that they are. In this are at any rate, ‘religion’ is still looked upon as a moneyspinner. Read more »