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Are You Dreaming of a Secular Christmas?

I’ve been reading several comments on the National Secular Society’s website and come to the conclusion that atheistic and agnostic secularists are happy to celebrate festivals such as Christmas and Easter. However, it seems they wish to do this without admitting there may be any truth to the religious side of such celebrations. Rather, they see themselves as following ancient pagan tradition which pre-dates the ‘hijacking’ of such festivals by the Christian church. Read more »

The Pope’s Visit to Britain

I wonder what students (especially in the UK) think to the Pope’s visit to Britain? I’ve read articles by writers in such publications as the Evangelical Times and the Protestant Truth Society magazine who are very exercised about the visit and think it should never have happened. In this, they seem to find themselves on the same side as many humanists and secularists who have made quite a noise of protest in the British media.

Actually, I heard one of the latter, I think a spokesman for the NSS (National Secular Society… someone will no doubt correct me if I’m mistaken) on Jeremy Vine’s radio 2 chat show only yesterday lunchtime (17th September 2010). He said that there was no proof whatsoever for God and that as children grow up, they consign him, along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, to the things of childhood, things no longer to be believed (I paraphrase and abridge his argument). Read more »


I never read ‘agony’ columns in newspapers, but whilst reading the Daily Telegraph the other day (Tuesday, 17th November 2009), my eye was caught by the following headline in Lesley Garner’s LIFECLASS column. It read: “I was brought up a Christian and my life revolves around church, but now I fear I’m losing my faith.” Read more »

Would You Like Me to Pray For You?

The story concerning the Community Nurse, Caroline Petrie, has been interesting to follow. It’s been typical of the current anti-Christian feeling which seems to be growing in our society. The National Secular Society (www.secularism.org.uk/praying-nurse-offered-her-job-ba.html) has a piece on their website by president, Terry Sanderson, on the story. They seem to be happy that Ms Petrie can return to work, just as long as she keeps quiet about her faith and doesn’t offer to pray for anyone else. The article ends with the words; ‘The rules are there to curb any such people going into the homes of their patients and foisting unwanted religious rituals on to them.’ Read more »