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The Pope’s Visit to Britain

I wonder what students (especially in the UK) think to the Pope’s visit to Britain? I’ve read articles by writers in such publications as the Evangelical Times and the Protestant Truth Society magazine who are very exercised about the visit and think it should never have happened. In this, they seem to find themselves on the same side as many humanists and secularists who have made quite a noise of protest in the British media.

Actually, I heard one of the latter, I think a spokesman for the NSS (National Secular Society… someone will no doubt correct me if I’m mistaken) on Jeremy Vine’s radio 2 chat show only yesterday lunchtime (17th September 2010). He said that there was no proof whatsoever for God and that as children grow up, they consign him, along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, to the things of childhood, things no longer to be believed (I paraphrase and abridge his argument). Read more »