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KEDS tutor on benefits, dangers of Internet

Tim LimStudents may be interested in an article by new KEDS tutor Timothy Lim Teck Ngern, published in The Christian Post (Singapore Edition) of 8th May 2012.

In the piece, Tim highlights the fact that although technology has given us great opportunities for making our views widely known, it has  also highlighted the need for us to be extra careful about what we say – and how we say it.

In a brief outline of his article, Tim writes:

In a global and technologically savvy economy, the Netizens’ (i.e., Internet Citizens’) free-flowing conversations (on blogs, chatrooms, and other social mediums) can quickly be turned into a doubled-edged sword, unless the free-spirited use of the media is tempered with an ethic of godly civility, recognizing at the same time, that we are deeply human in our engagements.

Drawing from a broad Christian philosophical-theological tradition, the article suggests a fourfold role for Christians engaging in a political-economy. While the contribution is contextual to recent social-political developments in Singapore, the suggestions nevertheless would have parallel value for the development of godly civility in any demographically and religiously pluralistic context.
The original article is available here.