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Live the Word is a leaflet sent out to many (maybe all?) Anglican churches each week. On the rear cover are printed the bible readings for the week, taken from the lectionary. The two inside facing pages are left open for each church to print their own notices. On the front cover is a topical article related to the readings, or the calendar of the Church Year. These are often written by Jane Williams, wife of the famous Archbishop Rowan, but sometimes by others, though Jane Williams is usually named as editor of the publication, which is produced by Redemptorist Publications (a Roman Catholic organisation I believe).

The front page articles are often strange, containing typical ‘Anglican/Roman Catholic-speak’, and when reading them, I’m often driven to the odd ‘tut-tut’. For instance, in the issue for 5th December 2009, there was a piece by Marguerite Hutchinson about work. In it she wrote; ‘Some jobs might seem more obviously about serving God – joining the clergy perhaps. But those of us who are not called to such a vocation need not feel that our working lives are just wage slavery. There are few jobs which offer no scope for serving God.’ And later; ‘Working in itself is not as important as giving glory to God.’ Readers of this blog will know that I really dislike this compartmentalising of Christians into castes of ‘clergy’ and ‘laity’ (thank God that Jesus was ‘lay’!), and the dividing of the Christian life into ‘religious’ and ‘secular’; both notions which, to me at any rate, do not sit well with the teachings of the New Testament. Read more »